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Local business contacts

Virolahti Municipality
The business administrator of the Vaalimaa zone.

Oy Beweship Ab
Warehousing and terminal services right at the Vaalimaa zone.

Oy Huolintakeskus Ab
Spezialized logistics and border services at the Vaalimaa zone.

Regional business contacts

Cursor Oy, Kotka-Hamina Regional Development
Regional business promotion company.

Regional Council of Kymenlaakso
A joint authority resposible for regional development and planning.

The twin ports of southeast Finland

Port of Kotka
Kotka container terminal. A full-service logistics center.

Port of Hamina
Common seaport, but highly specialized in forest products, containers and liquid bulk.

City of Kotka

City of Hamina

Information by state authorities

Finnish Customs
Finnish regulations. Baltic Sea customs information. Barents customs infobase.

The Frontier Guard
Border crossing and passport control.

Finnish Road Administration
Special: Videoimages (24/7) from the border of Finland and Russia. Border traffic at Vaalimaa crossing point. Weather on the Finnish road network.

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